Exploring the Top 7 Cuisines in the World

From Italian to Indian cuisine; explore seven amazing cuisines from around the world! Learn what makes each one unique & how you can experience them.

Exploring the Top 7 Cuisines in the World

When it comes to exploring the world's most delicious cuisines, there are many options to choose from. From Italian to Indian, Mexican to Japanese, and Georgian to Greek, each cuisine has its own unique flavors and ingredients that make it stand out. Here, we explore the top 7 cuisines in the world and what makes them so special. At the top of the list is Italian cuisine. The cradle of pasta and pizza, Italian food consists of simple dishes with few ingredients but of extraordinary quality.

Rich, sturdy tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs come together to make Italian food so special. The secret is to enhance the natural flavors of the rich and fresh ingredients in an incredible dish. Like other great cuisines, Italian food is full of time-tested family recipes and regional masterpieces, such as risotto or ribollita. Next up is Mexican food. Hot curry with lots of chili and a side dish of raita to cool you down.

Mexican food is dense, tasty and full of character. Loved all over the world, it is ancient and clings to its Mesoamerican roots, making it truly unique. In addition to being full of rich flavors, it also has its own prestige at UNESCO. Mexican food is extremely diverse, with enchiladas inspired by the Premayas and the links between chili peppers and colonialism. Indian food is synonymous with spices.

It is an adventure of the senses. There are no rules regarding the amount of herbs and spices contained in an Indian dish. The stars of the show include star anise, cardamom, cayenne, nutmeg and turmeric. Choose between crunchy samosas, scorching curry and creamy korma. Japanese food is based on precision, poetry and freshness.

Whether you're looking for first-class sushi, ramen caldoso, or natto with pinchos, Japan has it all and more. Not only that, but the food is also largely seasonal and goes far beyond taste. It's about presentation, regional customs and the ancient principles of flavor. In Japan, it's not just tasty, it's umami. Although little known, Georgia is home to some of the richest, most diverse and unique foods in the world.

Choose between Adjarian khachapuri, a cheese jar with a broken raw egg on top and a generous portion of butter. Or nigvzit badrijani, walnut paste and eggplant puree. Either way, you'll be surprised to discover that Georgian cuisine is nothing like that of its neighbors in Russia or the Middle East, but is a beast in and of itself. Similar to Italian food in terms of simplicity, Greek food works magic with natural flavors. Plentiful amounts of olive oil, fresh herbs, lemon, yogurt and spicy meats make it simple but delicious.

Despite centuries of Eastern and Western influence, the Greek table has managed to remain authentic. From delicious fresh seafood, roasted meats, dolmades and fresh cheeses, there's something for everyone. Spicy, sour, salty, sweet: you'll find all four flavors in most Thai dishes. With the influence of Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Burmese cuisine, you end up with flavors that can't be matched. Choose between Massaman curry, som tam or everyone's favorite: Pad Thai. The cuisine of the oldest independent country in Africa is a delight for the senses since the spicy berbero - a mixture of spices such as fenugreek, ajwain and ginger - adds an intense aroma to many dishes. Finally we have Italian cuisine again! Characterized by its extreme simplicity with many dishes that only have four to eight ingredients; few cuisines can claim to have as many followers as Italian one with its emphasis on tasty herbal flavors using only a few fresh ingredients. So there you have it - seven amazing cuisines from around the world! Whether you're looking for a luxurious 5-star hotel with a true taste of national and international cuisine or just looking for something new to try at home; these cuisines offer something for everyone!.

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